Hi, my name is Margie Ross-Dryden, a Teddy Bear Artist from Philadelphia, PA.

I discovered my love of bear making from another love of mine. Believe it or not my love of reading is how I got started. I stumbled across a teddy bear magazine in the local book store, after I bought my 1st kit and redesigned the bear in the kit,

Now 20 years later thru a lot of trial and error, reading, and getting help from talented artists, I am still looking for new ways to improve my creations, I constantly create new patterns, hand paint the glass eyes, my shading and nose sculpting. There’s always more to learn. I always strive to improve my bears and only create One of a Kind bears; no two are ever the same.

My bears are made of the finest materials, mohair, alpaca, imported synthetics, and other quality materials

I appreciate your time and interest in my whimsical bears and other creations

My e-mail for communication angelbearies@yahoo.com